Trommel 2022 picks: this year’s top 100 tracks

    Magazino vinyl collection
    Magazino vinyl collection. <3. (R.I.P.)

    The end of 2022 gives us hope. Even two hopes. The first one is about continuing the recovery pace after 2020. It seems, that this year gave us the almost a pre-COVID amount of festivals and just good parties all over the world. But not the whole world…

    …and that’s hope number two. After 24.02 and the full-scale Russian invasion, the whole country of Ukraine has almost vanished from the electronic music scene map. A lot of DJs there are still digging, just not tracks, but trenches in the army, to defend their homeland. Instead of hearing bangers in their headphones, people are hearing the banging of bombs falling near them. Instead of dancing in the darkness of the clubs, youngsters in Ukraine are sitting in the darkness of blackouts because of electricity problems in the country, caused by constant Russian bombings. Only victory could help re-establish normal life with so long-awaited parties in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Donetsk, Luhansk, Crimea and all over the country. That’s the main hope for 2023 (at least, in Ukraine).

    Aaaand, about the list. This year was, probably, the hardest one. The number of tracks we loved was just enormous, our long-list had around 300 submissions from our premieres section and all over the music world (so, if you don’t find your favourite one – it was probably cut during those painful procedures). For the first time ever, we even gave you a chance to decide on one position of our top-100 in our Telegram channel. We didn’t have those really long delays, like it was in 2021, so all the tracks in the list have been released after 1.01.2022 and until this day. But, for the first time ever we broke another our unwritten rule – won’t tell you exactly what it is, let’s just say, it seems, that the year was quite man/ipulative (giving you a wink). Zero chills – we are already waiting to meet you at the end of 2023. Take care till then.

    DISCLAIMER. Please note that this section is a collection of 100 tracks that the team at Trommel enjoyed most in the passing year. It should not be intended as a ranking or chart/classification in any form, and the list of tracks is made following track name A-Z order. It also reflects the subjective taste of the team components from their personal but limited knowledge of what has been released during 2022. 

    You can check our previous selections from 20182019, 2020 and 2021.

    ALSO. This article was written in Ukraine. Ukraine is in the middle of the war with Russia right now. Would be great if you could donate to the biggest Ukrainian volunteer fund here. Also, you can pick any music initiative, that is also trying to help from our list here. We’ll be stronger together.

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