Premiere: B2 – Electromenager – Sunny Side (Huerta Remix) [STFM002]

The STFM series from Sex Tapes From Mars label, that are dedicated to reissues, are ready to present its second piece. And while we’re not really touching upon reissues on Trommel, we can’t miss this one, since they decided to put a little twist in it. With a little help from your loved ones Youandewan and Steve Huerta.

The one by Huerta will be presented to you tonight. Starting with his signature dirty but not THAT dirty bassline. “Simple but absolute” as the label press release says. Still has that mellow touch when the melody kicks, but alongside Huerta’s new release on Leizure, it should be banging hard from some soundsystems very soon. At any place that admires “less low-swung and a more f**k off” attitude.

The other new version is made by Youandewan and this namedropping alone should tell you A LOT. It’s hard for me to name somebody with a MORE signature sound than him. At first it seems that those intergalactic arpeggios in any track should feel boring and annoying already. But, well, they’re not. And how perfectly they work on any dancefloor at any part of the night – I probably shouldn’t describe that to you, you know. The tribal percussion is going as the expected side dish here, working together hand in hand like a hot dog and mustard. And wait till 3:35 also…

In case you don’t know anything about the original – I can only agree with the label. “On the right dance floor, on the right sound system, it’s enough to end any rave”. So, I guess, you better not play it at the beginning of your set. 21 years old, still sounds fresh.

The release date is coming, don’t sleep on it and run to Juno, Deejay, Decks or any other good record shop for your copy.

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