Danube return with a weekender to remember at Berlin’s Kiekebusch See in June

Having been dormant since summer last year Danube have been working very hard in the background to ensure that their return lives up to their usual high standards. Always looking for the freshest venues in which to present the best in underground musical talent there is little doubt that they have met this remit with their upcoming weekender.

Previous events have seen them take river cruises with Christopher Ledger, club based parties at Fitzroy (Berlin), Club Eden (Bucharest) and even Berlin’s Anomalie Art club. These past events have always been primed with major players such as Piticiu, Tulbure, Dubtil, Giuliano Lomonte, Prichindel, Voigtmann, and Giamarco Orsini. The long-awaited return of Danube is set to eclipse all of this as a stunning team of artists has been assembled at the truly unique locale of Kiekebusch See. Situated close to Berlin-Brandenburg Airport over the weekend of 11th + 12th June the mind-expanding mix of nature and aviation-based industrialism will provide the perfect backdrop for a full weekend of magic.

Split into two separate sessions the first stint will be run from 10am until 10pm on the Saturday and will feature Petre Inspirescu, Zendid, Edward and Huerta. The following day will follow the same timings but with Praslesh, Dana Ruh, Cap and old friend Christopher Ledger providing the sounds. There will also be an after party after each day’s event at a special location, so the chance to bounce from party to party all weekend in true Berlin fashion will be on the table. Danube have also gone to great lengths to ensure that this is not just another extended rave and have chosen Kiekebusch See for a very good reason. As the venue has not been in operation in years there will be a unique dancing experience for even the most seasoned of Berliners courtesy of the close proximity to planes landing and taking off.

Danube have also been working tirelessly with the local authorities to ensure that every base is covered and that there will be no interruptions to the proceedings. They have even thought of the venues neighbours and the effects of the traveling sound and so have collaborated with Berlin University to craft a soundsystem to lessen the sonic effects of the event. With the venue having its own resident lake the opportunity to combine nature and a cutting-edge festival experience this is an element that Danube have painstakingly worked into their plans but not at the cost of conservation.

This event will also not be at the expense of the beautiful surrounding area as there will be an environmental concept in place to protect and give back to the stunning locale. If a break is needed from the dancefloor then there will be a vinyl market, food stalls and decoration from some of Berlin’s more creative artists. With a view to counteract the strain on Berlin’s subculture Danube looks to shine a light on their part in the community and going by the details above this will be a very special event indeed.

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