Trommel.179 – Cap

A firm favourite the world over, and rightly so, Cap is an artist that transcends minimal and its many guises. A selector in the truest sense of the word that does not simply play track after track, but more, he paints a rich tapestry of sound that strips each movement to its core elements in order to repurpose them for the dancefloor. This is most definitely a tact that was put to good use during his set at Club Guesthouse’s recent season closing party, but more on that later.

Prolific yet understated, Cap is not just lauded by those that populate the many clubs and festivals that he plays to, he is also a hugely favoured name with the influential minds that curate these events. A regular at ReSolute, Waha Festival, VBX, UNUM Festival, and of course Sunwaves, Cap is regularly called upon to punctuate the peak moments of each gathering he is called upon to soundtrack.

Recorded at the Club Guesthouse season finale back in June, it is clear from the opening tracks of this mix that the Bucharest born and raised hero is firmly in control. The longstanding home of Romanian electronic music has always had a reputation for highly charged sessions but the recurring thread of classy minimal house cuts mixed with more abstract moods hits just the right tone. Throughout the extended run time of this impressive set, Cap repeatedly segues between intense dancefloor moments and mind melting gems with an impressive ease that has become a calling card of this high caliber selector.

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