Trommel.189 – Vlad Caia

It is impossible to discuss Romanian artist Vlad Caia and not mention Amphia, SIT, and Amorf. All these different entities are intrinsically linked, but they most certainly do not define Vlad. Like his aforementioned brothers, Vlad is an accomplished solo artist and his critically received long players on Amphia are a mainstay in any discerning Ro lover collection. SIT and its individual parts have been a lynch pin of this intricately produced, Romanian sound for some time now, but are beginning to branch out to drop even more roots into more house, techno, and garage infused sounds. 

Recorded live at Club Guesthouse during Sunrise’s recent SNR48 event and the extract of this performance is a very timely reminder that Vlad is a key player in electronic music. This also punctuates that he is in no way exclusively tied to the Ro sound that he has helped to nurture but instead uses this as a base to launch in several ethereal directions in quick succession. With the mix clocking in at just under 2 hours long, this was just a fraction of the time that Vlad was certainly hypnotizing the crowd. Not letting the action slow down for too long the SIT member had the club eating out of the palm of his hand from the first to last.

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