Trommel.122 – Amorf (live)

To most, the three Romanian artists that make up the live performance group Amorf need little introduction. Especially not on these pages. However, Vlad Caia, Cristi Cons, and Mischa Blanos will always be a new and exciting discovery to somebody. The musical output from Amorf has almost come almost exclusively via Cristi and Vlad’s Amphia imprint but has also seen widescreen outings on Sushitech and Understand.

As impressive as the musical output from the Amphia trio is, a recorded live set is always best enjoyed in person. For most, the option to jump in a taxi and head along to the club or festival that they might be headlining just isn’t even remotely an option. We have the best of both worlds on our newest podcast and the results are really quite something.

Recorded live at Amphia’s label night at Bucharest’s minimal sanctuary Club Guesthouse Amorf are in dazzling form. During the set recorded at Popa Nan 82 they switch effortlessly between cascading layers of punchy grooves, melodic soundscapes, and tension releasing drops it defies logic that only six hands and six ears are capable of producing such original music from scratch. It is also worth noting that this would have been one of the very last Amphia nights to take place at this GH location as the club closed not long after and then COVID-19 swept the globe. So, we highly recommend grabbing the best set of headphones that you can find and let this mix carry you away for the next 90 minutes…

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