Premiere: 1 – Amorf – Side Door [LNG006]

After a long-anticipated three-year hiatus, Romanian trio Amorf returns to the spotlight with another exciting album release, featured on Bucharest-based Longcut Records. The release consists of three digital tracks where we will hear an unprecedented fusion of atonal jazz improvisation and broken beats. While the EP is a premiere in terms of the overall sound, having shifted from their usual dancefloor-oriented sound to crossbreed experimentation, the Romanians managed to stay true to their signature aesthetic, which can be observed on each track.

Today’s pick-up is the first track of the “Newfound Land” EP – “Side Door”.  This track’s core revolves around a hypnotic Moog bassline, a signature element present in nearly every Amorf composition. The unconventional higher-pitched bassline takes center stage, assuming the role of a soloist, beautifully intertwined with celestial synths and dissonant chords emanating from Mischa’s Rhodes piano.

The EP’s second track, “Flip the Page”, marked its premiere on BBC6 Radio and evokes an atmosphere rich in suspense and intrigue, reminiscent of the mystique found in James Bond films. In the process of crafting the foundational bass loop, the artists found inspiration in the basso continuo of Baroque music. Meanwhile, sporadic sonar-like signals fashioned through modular effects intertwine with the classical sophistication of the piano, crafting a cosmic vibe.

Now, turning our attention to the final gem of this album, “Mannequin” delves even deeper into the world of jazz improvisation, showcasing its intricate layers and dissonant tones. The harsh, industrial sounds, reminiscent of metal colliding with metal, introduce a raw and edgy element, while the percussion skillfully replicates the syncopated rhythms of a live jazz drummer.

The artwork, crafted by Chris Scarlat of Cultural Design in Berlin, portrays a surrealistic purple triangle emerging from turbulent seas. This visual representation serves as a symbol for Amorf’s exploration of uncharted territory amidst ever-changing waters. This remarkable collaboration between Cultural Design and Longcut Records establishes the mood for the transformative voyage that lies ahead for listeners within the depths of this EP.

The mesmerizing album is available for pre-order here.

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