under the tree welcome Amorf to Zurich for first party of 2020

Having taken the Swiss minimal scene to new heights during their 2019 program Zurich based crew under the tree and their tireless team of promoters, resident DJ’s and creatives will have to go the extra mile if they are to improve on last year’s parties. Over the course of last year under the tree welcomed some of the scenes biggest draws in Priku in solo mode and as part of Atipic, Praslea, Einzelkind, Nu Zau, Spokenn and Arapu.

With the 2nd birthday celebrations on Christmas Day still reeling in the memory of those lucky enough to be in attendance, there is no rest for the wicked and under the tree have really gone to great lengths to knock it out of the park for their first event of 2020. Stepping up to the plate is none other than the Amphia trio of Amorf. The live outfit that is comprised of Vlad Caia, Cristi Cons, and synth extraordinaire Mischa Blanos have just dropped the labels 19th release ‘Ancient Future’ EP and the 2 tracker is a masterful yet powerfully twisted journey into the minds of 3 of the most forward-thinking Romanian artists around. There is little doubt that a performance of this caliber will be one for the ages.

photo by KayRoss ph

Most average event line-ups would stop there but this is under the tree and they don’t do average. Supporting will be none other than Sublee, an artist that is the complete package – show-stopping DJ, white producer and label head of one of the most in-demand imprints in the business. As well as his own label this talented Romanian has found his way on to the likes of Morning People, Meander and his most recent EP ‘Destuldebussy’ on Playedby. Completing the international line-up is Emi ∫ an artist that has embedded himself in the current wave of artists that regularly perform at the likes of Dancing Mountains, 3 Smoked Olives, Waha Festival, Sunwaves and was called upon to set the tone for the [a:rpia:r] showcase at this year’s Off Week Festival. Setting the tone for this particularly exciting event will be Cumuli, Bvrton.

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