Trommel AW 21/22 Collection

T-Shirt short sleeve — £ 35.00

Trommel combine with GThreadz in producing a stylish oversized t-shirt

Hoodie Sweater — £ 50.00

Trommel and GThreadz conceived the perfect rave hoodie just in time for the cold season

DJ Hoodie — £ 110.00

Designed by an artist, this ultimate winter hoodie has the features every DJ and raver was waiting for

Three-way DJ bag — £ 120.00

Trommel and Small Black Dots presents a versatile record backpack for the ultimate travel experience

Hoodie & T-shirt — £ 80.00

Find both items from Trommel & GThreadz collection boxed together at a better price/value

Record shelf — £ 80.00

Designed by JJBoooth, this collaboration handmade wall-mounted shelf is a stylish spot to display 20 records

Record stand — £ 35.00

Display your favorite records in style with this mint handmade wooden record stand by Trommel & JJBoooth

Record box — £ 95.00

Trommel and JJBoooth combine for a fresh, solid and versatile wooden record crate perfect from every situation

Record bundle — £ 195.00

The tree products by JJBooth & Trommel in a convenient bundle. Your record collection will thank you later