Musette Bag (x Klipted) – £ 67.00

Buy on our fashion partner Klipted website

Buy on our fashion partner Klipted website

Collaboration product with Klipted

A small and lightweight shoulder bag has been completed.
It can be conveniently used for short outings, trips, festivals, and clubbing.

We will be selling this item for a limited time and quantity. Shipping is scheduled for the end of July 2024.

There is a zipper pocket on the front and a keychain with carabiner inside. The straps are made of soft paracord, so they are strong and won’t hurt your shoulders. The main fabric is FiberRIP 100, which is both water repellent and abrasion resistant. Cordura500 is used for the upper side, which is the joint with the strap.

The back of the bag has a drawcord and can hold 2-3 vinyl records. When you happen to find a record somewhere, you can take it home without any problems. Please use this small bag in your daily life.

*Customers who have ordered Backpack or other products from Klipted website, but have not yet shipped can combine them. If you let us know that you would like to combine the items, we will refund the difference in shipping costs. In that case, shipping will be at the end of July.

*Overseas shipping costs are ¥3,000~¥6,000. Please check the checkout page for exact shipping costs.


Main fabric: Fiber RIP 100
Upper fabric: CORDURA500
Color: Black, Gray, Brown
Size(cm): W35 × H21
Weight : 116 g

ALL Handmade

Buy on our fashion partner Klipted website

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