Amphia returns to Club Guesthouse for label night

There is little introduction needed for Romanian imprint Amphia and the collection of artists that produce the releases but for the uninitiated, this is the label programmed by Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia aka SIT. The pair, both singularly and collectively have been responsible for a newer, more melodic strain for minimal music that has taken the genre in exciting and more musical directions and the vehicle that has aided in this is their Amphia label. So, when a label night is on the cards at Romania’s Club Guesthouse on Saturday, November 2nd it is cause for celebration.

As well as being a platform for SIT’s wide arching sonic vision Amphia is also home to the associated live outfit Amorf. Taking the dancefloor elements of SIT and adding in the undeniable synth talents of Mischa Blanos to form an impressive performance that has already reached almost mythical status. Joining these two quite different acts will be label mates and also a truly exciting artist Christopher Ledger and Alsi, visuals will also be provided by Cotė. For a snapshot of where the future of rominimal is look no further than this extended session with Amphia.

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