Club Guesthouse unveil their thrilling May-June calendar

Club Guesthouse undoubtedly stands among the first names that come to one’s mind whenever the Romanian underground music scene is mentioned. Founded in Bucharest in the final stretch of 2010 on Traian 42 street, in a small location that rather resembled someone’s living room, Guesthouse has aged like fine wine, continuously reinventing itself with grace. Today, it is located in a generous venue where industrial design blends with an intimate atmosphere. The immersive 360 visual mapping further enhances the overall experience.

Despite having to change locations three times over the years and facing various challenges, the most recent being in September 2020 during the pandemic when they were forced to move from 82 Popa Nan to their present-day location at Timpuri Noi, the collective from Guesthouse continued their journey with elegance and kept delivering charming experiences that fulfilled even the highest expectations of electronic music lovers.

Photo credit: Andrei Nemeș

However, the heart of Bucharest’s electronic music scene, notorious for its never-ending parties and refined acoustics isn’t just about the music. It is about the sense of community and creativity that their events foster, the feeling of being part of the current movement in this nightlife scene that can only be understood once you’re there.

As they’ve continued to expand their horizons over time and bring class and diversity to different crowds, delivering each time an unpaired experience by taking care of every little detail, from the sound quality and interior design to their artworks, way of making statement announcements and flyers backed by Dreamrec’s puzzling and creative touch, there is no doubt that the final two months of this season will be as memorable and vibrant as we have come to expect from them.

With that being said, we can now move on to the news we have all been waiting for.

Artwork by Dreamrec

Starting on May 6th with “Misbits goes out”, featuring Bushwacka, Miss I b2b Kozo, and Oddist, you can expect to be thrilled and energized by this eclectic mash-up. On May 10th,  Alexia Glensy alongside resident DJs Cap and Dan Andrei will get together for a night of pure sonic bliss.

Moving on to May 20th, Dragoș Ilici, Felix Hk, and Prâslea, three of the most respected selectors in the minimal scene, will unite their magic in one place for a unique and immersive experience. Teleporting to the following week, on May 27th, Charlie, Emi, and Petre Inspirescu will take you to another dimension with a marathon of non-stop dancing and aural exploration.

On June 3rd, there will be a pre-party for the first edition of Danube Festival, which will take place next to Berlin in mid-July. However, the lineup is yet to be announced.

Last but not least, Guesthouse will close the season with their signature 30-hour party on June 17-18. The lineup is set to be unveiled soon, so stay tuned, as you wouldn’t want to miss this memorable gathering of talented and innovative selectors playing without interruption for a whole mesmerising weekend.

Photo credit: Valeriu Cătălineanu aka Romanian Club Culture

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