Danube Festival returns to Kiekebusch See this July

The area lies shy of Berlin Brandenburg airport right next to untouched nature already sounding like a great spot for a party. Couple that with the industrious nature of an airport with planes landing and taking off all within eyeshot, it really paints a picture of somewhere special.

A prime location to host a more than 50-hour weekend of non-stop music across 2 stages.

Danube’s commitment to curating outstanding lineups is second to none. You just need to look to last year’s Danube Weekender which featured Romanian heavyweight Petre Inspirescu, French power-duo Zendid and Edward and Huerta all on day one. Day two saw sets from equally qualified selectors Praslesh, Dana Ruh, Cap and Christopher Ledger. Some weekend that would have been!

Beyond hosting their own festival, Danube’s essence can be captured across Europe as they bring their curation to a host of spots on the continent. The Danube Scenes event saw them take over the notable Malzfabrik as they welcomed the likes of Dan Andrei, Data Memory Access, John Dimas and Lamache to one of Berlin’s cultural landmarks. From resident parties in Hannover with Ryan Elliott, Lola Haro or Black Loops, to their series at Fitzroy in Berlin where they called upon the talents of Dana Ruh, Ledger and Parallax Deep. Their efforts have secured them a spot on our map of the underground for sure.

The Danube project was founded in 2019 with the aim of organizing electronic music events with a goal to always guarantee professional and detailed planning, through tireless work alongside the local authorities they have ensured that there will be no interruptions to the proceedings. So much so that they even craft a concept designed to lessen the sonic effects of the event for the neighbours. Know that come 14th-16th of July your ears will be in the safest of hands, Danube Festival have most definitely got it covered.

Music aside, Danube have pulled out all the stops to ensure a great weekend is had by all. With a strong ethos on inclusivity, participation and awareness, their dedicated awareness team are onsite all weekend to address any issues and ensure everyone has the best possible time. Creating an environment where everyone feels safe and welcomed is an aspect that underpins the very definition of raving and truly promotes a sense of community and friendship.

If 50+ hours of non-stop music might be a bit much for you there are plenty of alternative activities to give you a break from dancing, with a vinyl market, food stalls and installations from the crême of Berlin’s creative scene, little is left to the imagination. Danube aims to take the strain off Berlin’s subculture and it looks like they are set to do a lot more than just that.

Line Up:
Christian AB
Christopher Ledger
Dan Andrei
Dana Ruh (Live)
Eli Verveine
Fred P
Felix Hk
Gene On Earth
Ion Ludwig (Live)
Monty Luke
O MATO Soundsystem
Parallax Deep
The Ghost

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