Premiere: A2 – Christopher Ledger – Swap Function [ADAM007]

Christopher Ledger is next up on the prolific Adam’s Bite label.

The Swiss imprint has soon established them as one of the most reliable and classy collectives in recent years. After launching with a lush debut from founder Martinesque, the label has hosted a breathtaking LP from Ion Ludwig, as well as music from Barac and Traumer paving the label’s vision of electronic music.

It’s evident that the environment is critical for listening to this deeper strain of intricate head music. Last year, the crew hosted an extended showcase in Walzhalle with Ion Ludwig’s live set, Molly, Eli Verveine and Kalabrese to let loose on the excellent sounding systems by Lambda Labs Swiss Distribution.

The event also invited local art installations, showcasing the collective’s crossover between club music and the arts. This also comes through in each of their unique artworks, complimenting the sound wherever possible.

Christopher Ledger is no stranger to this approach, carving stunning works for the likes of Meander and his own multidisciplinary platform CL Series. We actually caught up with Christopher way back in 2018 to discuss his love for art in many forms which he is proudly continuing to this day.

Providing the seventh release of Adam’s Bite, his four-track EP marks his first release in almost three years and explores a zesty, rave-inspired sound heard more recently in his sets.

Our premiere features the breaky workout on the A2, ‘Swap Function’. Delving into a much more no frills, up-for-it vibe, Ledger brings raw, lucid energy to this track. Pinned by a huge, hoovering bassline remnant of the UK’s early tech-house movement in the likes of Wiggle and Terry Francis’ many projects.

This direction makes for an interesting mood, combining a heads-down, basement vibe with luscious synth work shimmering overhead. Elegant chords gloss over the mix with a delightfully gentle charm, every sound feels considered and timely, testament to the producers decades of experience both in the studio and on the dance floor.

A menacing acid line eventually cuts through the mix, building just enough tension to light up a huge rave, whilst maintaining a low-key vibe that would go down a treat at home in the living room.

‘Interchange’ continues this uplifting vibe in the opening cut. The bassline has a subtle, pulsing energy that is destined to bring life to any dance floor. Synths echoe shades of early trance, floating over the mix with an effortlessly euphoric vibe before darting right back into the menacing basslines.

Arrangements flow with ease, gently unfolding and playing with tension and release to great effect. It’s clear the Italian artist has distinct knowledge of club culture and how these tracks work in context.

On the B-side, ‘Anticipation’ meanders through a more pensive trip, executed with the same pristine level of sound design and consideration. It’s the sort of tripped-out head music often pushed by the likes of Binh and Nicolas Lutz. Glassy chords and a squelchy bassline loaded with emotion.

Ledger transgresses genres in this record, weaving in a variety of inspirations from both past and present. ‘Without Warning’ closes the record with a lush breakbeat jam. Moods stay within a similar thought-provoking realm, washing heavy synths over a neat acid bassline.

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