Premiere: B1 – Christopher Ledger – Solaris [MEANDER27]

For his first release of 2019, Christopher Ledger makes his debut on Meander with arguably his most accomplished work to date. The Dark Moon EP is as emotionally astute and elegantly composed as you would expect from a Meander release, but with a sophistication and intimacy that few artists could match.

Through its four intelligent cuts, the 27th addition to Meander’s catalogue provides a meditative journey through inconceivable atmospheres and textures. The release is marked by a darker disposition, which only Ledger could make so inviting. Each track has an irresistible ebb and flow, offering a tunneling escape through warped timbres. It’s the perfect labyrinthine minimal techno that is impossible not to get lost in.

“Solaris” opens the B side with cinematic magic. Organic ambiances warp into dystopian realms as delicate chords and melancholic synths soon tangle into a squelch of muddy kicks and gnarly bass. With its muffled drum sequence sitting unassertively in the mix, the track’s functionality is intrinsic to its composition, allowing it to venture deeply into cerebral territory without alienating dancefloors. As the layers and sounds build, each element speaks symbiotically to the other. Classical piano and spectral synths create a forlorn beauty, unhinged engrossingly by off-kilter percussion and subaquatic drones. Best deployed at the tail end of a party, “Solaris” is the kind of sonic reward that reminds punters why they don’t go home.

The rest of the EP displays the same brilliant approach, packaging complex, tightly woven rhythms in a looser, deceptively free-flowing arrangement. The outcome is nothing short of mind-blowing. One of the finest releases this year has seen, the Dark Moon EP is available now, secure your copy here.

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