Steve O’Sullivan and Sushitech Records unveil sprawling collaborative three-part album

There is no denying that Steve O’Sullivan and Sushitech, apart from being one of our most loved artists and labels respectively they are a match made in dubby heaven. The masterful contrasting nature of both parties’ work is impressive, to say the least. Flicking between deep yet melodic cuts and more stripped-back dubby atmospheres both O’Sullivan and Sushitech have such a rich history and both are responsible for some of the genres most highly regarded compositions.

Having turned 15 last year Sushitech Records are not showing any signs of taking their foot off the gas. Label head honcho Yossi Amoyal also celebrated last year with the outstanding four-part compilation ‘Fleure’ which also covered celebrating surpassing his 50th release.

So, it should come as no surprise really that Sushitech Records will be the home to a very special album from none other than Steve O’Sullivan. This is no run-of-the-mill album. No sir. This album will be spread across three LP’s (that is a whopping 6 discs in total) and will feature collaborations between Steve and Ricardo Villalobos, Steve Rachmad, Lawrence, Thomas Melchior, SIT, Christopher Ledger, Dana Ruh, Brawther, Derek Carr, Soela, Vince Watson, Exos, Mark Broom, Markus Suckut, Ben Buitendijk, Conforce and Prince Morella. Each artist are legends in their own right but to collect them all together on one release is something truly special.

What is even more impressive is that Steve has been releasing music since the mid-’90s and he is still raising eyebrows more than 25 years later. Plaudits aside the other wow factor is the fact that in this time Steve has not released an album, where else would he deliver this than on Sushitech Records. Few others apart from Steve O’Sullivan can do so much with so little and we can’t wait to hear the album for ourselves.

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