Premiere: A2 – Topper – This Is The Way [MEANDER032]

Topper returns to Meander with three original cuts in the label’s 32nd release.

The Italian artist continues to evolve within his numerous innovative projects. Whether it’s a full length album with Triptease, expanding his Deadrail alias, or launching the new production and mixdown service MTT Audio; Topper’s work ethic is unparalleled.

Originally collaborating with Meander’s founder Dewalta back in 2018 for Vinyl Club Recordings, the duos relationship has since blossomed into an exciting and productive venture.

Topper’s original work recently featured on the label, contributing to a stunning V/A shared with Cristi Cons and Dewalta. Recognising their mutual love for the deeper, atmospheric side of dance music, the CDV stalwart is invited back to the label for his own EP.

‘This Is The Way’ is a serene insight into the lucid, flow-state works that have been at the heart of the minimal movement for decades. Bathed in minuscule details, it’s the kind of stripped-back, loopy house music packed with trance-inducing potential.

Tinged with subtle psychedelic notes, elements fold into one another with a sultry, serpent-like charm. Percussion is lean, rolling dry hi-hats and claps into tidy foundations, making space for the vast atompsheres to expand overhead.

Sounds are lathered with a velvety analogue warmth. Slowly unfolding throughout a steady six-minute arrangement, ideas grow into an inviting, mood setting ambience that Topper’s trippy charm does so well.

The kick drum cuts through the mix with a firm, dubby presence; anchoring the groove around an expressive chord and abstract groans creeping between beats. Testament to Topper’s years of study into sound design, each track is loaded with a landscape-like depth.

Whether it’s the druggy drums dripping with reverb in the title track ‘Liquid State Drive’, or the choir-like ambience supporting ‘Parallel Interpol’; the layers of detail burried in this record is an inspiring feat.

Meander continue to grow their identity within dubby, experimental realms between house and techno. Frequent releases have seen classy contributions from the likes of Alci and Pîrvu, maintaing the label’s well deserved reputation as one to watch within the minimal circuit.

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