Topper launches MTT Audio for all your studio needs

Through his work under his Dead Rails alias, his band Triptease or under his own moniker Italian artist Topper consistently delivers next-level productions. His crystalline beats, finely tuned atmospherics and knack for programming bombs of varying styles make Topper a highly-prized artist and very much in demand. The skills he exhibits with each passing release add to his impressive resume.

It is this solid body of work built up over many years of research, studying, and experiments in sound that has led Topper to set up MTT Audio. This one-stop-shop will meet and exceed all manner of production needs and will place your tracks and musical ideas in the trusted hands of an artist that is a regular fixture on the finest labels in the world. Topper has always dreamt of working in the music industry and his move to Berlin was the catalyst behind this, “in the early 2000s, as it was both the mecca of electronic music, but at the same time was also home to the biggest and newest SAE facility in Europe (where I eventually got my Audio Engineering diploma)“.

The Sleep Is Commercial mainstay offers a massive range of services that begin with helping you finish your tracks and run all the way to mixing and digital mastering. As well as these standard services, Topper also provides several offerings that are not usually on the menu. An example of this is his Audio-MIDI Studio Concept and his ability to help realise the studio setup of your dreams. Through his own constant research that began at the world-renowned SAE Institute, distilled in the now-defunct Headroom Studio and now his own studio which is lined with modular racks, hardware synths, and outboard effects.

Another option for the modern musician is assistance in the pre-production of your new live set where solutions such as Ableton Live can be utilised. This can also run to preparing the music for performance as well as the backline setup and execution. It would take much longer than this article to list all the services available but Topper’s references are also beyond reproach.

All of the services that I offer at MTT Audio a collection of things that I have already been doing for friends for years, especially in the Audio/MIDI studio concept area. So the idea of offering my expertise to the public has been brewing for a while, but the pandemic definitely gave me the time I needed to focus on this project that I hope will keep me busy for many years, also beyond my electronic music career“.

His clients include Omar, tINI, Sleep Is Commercial, Club der Visionaere, XP, and Enrica Falqui who you would have heard her recent release premiere. You could be the next name to be added to this growing list.

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