Premiere: B1 – Enrica Falqui – Plexus [MR-04]

Through it’s first three releases, Andrew James Gustav‘s label Marginal Returns has prided itself on shifting underrated talent into the much-deserved limelight. Whilst the label head has achieved a similar effect by unearthing forgotten records from the past, his brainchild focuses on fresh music that’s primed to be appreciated in the here and now.

With previous releases from Sohrab, Two Phase U and, Controlled Weirdness, Marginal Returns moves onto it’s fourth release with Enrica Falqui’s Plexus EP. Falqui sprung on the scene alongside Dea Dvornik with their Eris project, releasing two stunning EPs on DJ Masda’s Cabaret Recordings. This time around, Falqui goes solo with scintillating results.

Title track ‘Plexus’ arguably produces the EP’s most emphatic track. The EBM-style bass does a lot of the heavy lifting in the track but for good reason, eternally feeling like it’s cranking up the tempo as the track rolls on. By the time the breakdown comes, a concoction of the menacing bass, rattling hi-hats and murky vocals initiate feelings along the lines of ritualistic, before the aforementioned menacing bass evolves into something a bit more sinister.

The A-side showcases Falqui’s love for downtempo and ambient sounds as showcased with her Yhdessa project. ‘Veda’ is a soul-exploring journey and features alongside ‘Mond’, which ups the tempo slightly with its drum pattern but the slices of gliding pads and experimental construction means it’s firmly for the chillers. Rounding off the A-side is ‘What She Got Right’, combining dainty and delicate-to-the-touch breaks dressed up by melancholic and endearing chords, perfect for late summer sunsets in Berlin.

Accompanying Plexus on the B-side is ‘Aquaris’, a tantalizingly futuristic electro track and while the snappy broken drum patterns create an easy groove for the dancefloor, the bass oozes with funk and the melody comforts us with the thought of what tomorrow might bring.

Enrica Falqui’s Plexus EP will be available to purchase shortly from Juno, Deejay or any good record store of your choice.

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