Strichka Festival by Closer is announcing its full line-up for the 2024 edition

Borys, probably, putting another rare gem on Dvir. Photo: Sasha Halushchak

The annual main event of Spring inside the factory where Closer club in Kyiv is situated will take place on May 18-19. Ukraine is still under the curfew, caused by the full-scale Russian invasion, so, like in the last year, it will be the daytime-only festival.

As usual, it will be held in the numerous locations at the Strichka Factory. This year the list is next: Dvir is the main stage, where a massive visual installation is being built and the biggest concerts will take place; 3-d Floor is a techno stage; Mezzanine is a contemporary disco stage; Otel’ is an experimental dance music stage; Closer and Lisnyi Prychal are house music stages; Garden is an ambient and meditative music stage located in the garden.

The theme of this year’s event is “Fragments”. In the words of the crew of Closer: “In our memories, this festival, like our whole life, has turned into one happy dream, in which many smiling ghosts of the past have settled. We decided to gather them all together and tear them into fragments – without pain, but only with gratitude – and organize the next Strichka, which will be new in some ways, because times have changed, but still cozy. And from those fragments to make strange stickers, prints for a new series of T-shirts, and the entire visual campaign to be sure to let it go: it will never be the same again.” 

The first day of the festival, Saturday, May 18 will start at 16:00. On Sunday the first acts will begin at 9:00. Both times the end of the schedule is planned for 22:30.

This year’s line-up features almost 50 artists from Ukraine and the whole world. The most interesting acts (for us, of course) will be Alex Savage, Aliana, Bambu, Borys & M.Tkachenko, Brother G, Enrica Falqui, Eversines, ISH, Karine, Marie K, Roman K, Serge Jazzmate, Shjva, Vera Logdanidi & Igor Glushko. The full line-up can be found below.

The tickets (currently 70% are sold out) can be still found here.

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The line-up (a few additional names still could be added)

Alex Savage


Andre Baum (live)

Andrii Kunin (live)



Ben Frost (live)

Berezil (live)

Borys & M.Tkachenko

Brother G (live)

Charlotte Bendiks

Dubplanet X


Enrica Falqui

Eversines (live)

Eversines & Marie K

Foa Hoka (live)


ISH (live)

Jockii Druce (live)


KBT (live)



Native Outsider – (live)


Roman K (hybrid vinyl set)

Rouge Mecanique (live)

Sakhno & LDM

Seba Korecky XXX Metal Band

Serge Jazzmate

Shjva (live)


Si Process (special live)

Symonenko (doublebasscore) (live)

The Against (live)

Travis & Zahvat

Undo Despot (live)

Valeria Obodzinska

Van Ahn

Vera Logdanidi & Igor Glushko

Vladyslav Putistin & Lvcerate

Wieloroman & Sasha Usherenko

Ницо Потворно (live)


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