New festival Sumdayz set to rock Rome this September

Rome has a riveting history with electronic music and has a series of impressive club fixtures but perhaps something lacking is a city central large scale music event. This is where the Sumdayz team come in as they have been working tirelessly over the past three years to bring this dream to reality. Their two-day event that will take place at the old paper mills on Saturday, September 10th and Sunday, September 11th and it may sound like a well spun yarn but they will be bringing a huge chunk of the underground along for the ride.

Sumdayz’s co-founder Will Muir explains a little about the event and where it has come from, “The Sumdayz team have been working since late 2019 to put this multi-day festival together.” said Will Muir, “So, to finally make this happen for a generation of music lovers in one of Europe’s most iconic cities is our dream come true. We want to bring the joy of live music back with a bang and rebuild lost connections through a joint love of experience, music and dance.”

We believe passionately in the power of creativity and music to change people’s frame of mind, and, ultimately, the world, by encouraging sociality, interaction and expression in this unprecedented time we live in. Everyone should be able to participate and be stimulated by events and experiences which promote artistry while causing no unnecessary harm to the environment.

This passion can be found loud and clear within the finely curated musical lineup and they have national and international treasures stacked up for their first edition. Completing the line-up with their second wave drop these come in the shape of French house trio Apollonia, tech house queen tINI, the sleek sounds of Traumer, Romanian minimal pioneers Raresh, Praslea, Priku and Barac, Turkish underground favourite Onur Özer, deep digging French selector Jeremy Underground, plus Black Loops, Giammarco Orsini, Christian AB, Quest, Sugar Free, Elliot Schooling, Liam Palmer, GNMR, Triad, Ageless, Marcolino, Domenico Rosa, Fabrizio Sala, Koko, Peter LC, and Sumdayz resident Vithz.

As well as the innumerable musical highlights that await at the 6,000 capacity multi stage festival will also be playing host to bars, private lounges, back stage areas. We haven’t even begun to talk about digital arts exhibition, an artisanal expo and a selection of the best Roman street food vendors serving quality food. Well, those we will leave for you to discover yourself when you attend, but with regards to music I think we can all imagine just how good that will be.

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