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Italy’s After Caposile is evolving from a venue into a creative project

We link with Venice's notorious After Caposile venue for a special event celebrating their evolution into a full fledged club and garden space. Traumer steps up from 7am!

New festival Sumdayz set to rock Rome this September

Rome has a riveting history with electronic music and has a series of impressive club fixtures but perhaps something lacking is a city central...

Pieces agency deliver a trio of parties for the remainder of 2021

Booking agency pieces is responsible for managing the blooming tour schedule for an impressive array of artists. These include names such as Binh, D'Julz,...

Trommel.127 – Traumer

Really where do we start with introducing Frenchman Traumer? I think we can safely say that 99.9% of the people reading these words and...

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