Italy’s After Caposile is evolving from a venue into a creative project

    The renowned Venice venue After Caposile is evolving into a fully fledged club and garden space.

    Originally, the space operated as an after-hour venue, regularly inviting the likes of Margaret Dygas, Apollonia and Sonja Moonear to light up the morning moments. The collective gained momentum through their devotion to the special energy that is created exclusively in the after-hour scenario.

    Founding an intimate space, the environment has always been key at After Caposile, taking care of its ravers in the delicate morning hours, offering a space for expression to dance, connect and build relationships in a safe space with a strict no camera policy, encouraging a submissive, hypnotic state that goes hand in hand with the stripped back booking policy at the venue.

    The artists that are regularly invited to After Caposile are specialists in this field, whether it’s playing the mind-plucking minimal that is heard round the clock at the similar extended hours venues in Berlin’s beloved Club der Visionäre and Hoppetosse, or Ukraine’s Closer.

    It’s a unique and intimate experience for both the DJs and dancers that share a special moment and head space afters either dancing for a long period going through into the morning, or waking up with a fresh head and heading straight to the party. After Caposile is the kind of club that attracts a very specific crowd hugely motivated by the niche music heard at these parties and often many friendships, labels and collectives are born from such experiences.

    After their years of success and gaining popularity for great sounding, frisky parties with top-tier DJs at the helm, the collective are expanding the space to feature a full club room and lush garden area. During the pandemic, After Caposile were fortunate enough to plow energy into the space and develop the new additional spaces to the venue that will soon be revealed.

    Recent showcases have welcomed the likes of house music royalty D’Julz and Gene On Earth, the mighty Raresh and impeccable Romanian duo Nu Zau and Sepp. The space offers unique opportunities to see some of the scene’s leading artists in a small settings with the likes of Dyed Soundorom and tINI jamming it out over in Venice.

    It’s in these venues that you often hear the best and most precious music from artists, free to play their gems and get into a deep flow state during extended sets without the worry of cameras, a huge crowd and a lack of appreciation for the music. The sound is the priority for both the club and clubbers, becoming a firm favourite for DJs to play and dancers to let loose. Each area of the club hosts a pristine sound system that has now been upgraded to D&B Audiotechnik and has witnessed the magic of Margaret Dygas on many occasions.

    2020 saw the crew venture out into the vinyl market, kickstarting their label with a series of well received releases from a selection of devoted local artists in Francesco Maddalena, Marco Dez, Alessio Viggiano and the forthcoming release from Yaar Ku.

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    Exploring a plethora of moods subtly placed between house and techno, each EP has followed a four-track structure, inviting an established artist for remix duties to conclude each vinyl. The releases so far have welcomed Traumer, iO Mullen, Oden & Fatzo and Dewalta.

    The crew’s taste meanders between the intricate house and minimal spheres, bringing more lively flavours with the likes of label feature Oden & Fatzo’s for their engaging live set and Huerta’s funky flavours, on top of more pensive affairs with Romania’s Direkt and Giuliano Lomonte.

    To celebrate the collective’s evolution into a fully fledged, extended hours club and honour their memorable after-hour specialty, we are linking with the notorious venue for a collaborative event. Trommel will invite Traumer to tear the place apart from 7am, spinning an extended set in the club space, as well as marking the opening of their new SILOS hall which will debut at this event.

    This continues our series of events across the European club circuit, linking with the most dedicated brands to bring memorable musical experience and connect the likeminded ravers that exist within this special scene.

    Find more about our event with After Caposile on their socials here and head to their website for further information on the venue, as well as their exclusive range of clothing and merchandise.

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