Premiere: A2 – Manuel De Lorenzi & Francesco Maddalena – Unreleased [CPSLS002PART1]

After the well-deserved success of the first two-part volume of ‘Sound of the Garden’, released around this time last year, the Italian crew from After Caposile continue to deliver and delight us with their carefully crafted productions, part of their newest second volume that we’re can’t wait to reveal. If on the first volume we had the pleasure of listening to productions from artists like Sublee, Maggio, Silat Beksi, or Giuliano Lomonte, the second volume of ‘Sound of the Garden’ will feature some great stuff from Alex Neri, Manuel De Lorenzi & Francesco Maddalena, Paolo Mosca, and Twineffect.

Today’s featured track “Unreleased” on side A2 starts decisively at a medium pace with a spirited bassline and machinelike vocals, shaping itself as a great party-starter with its tech house and industrial influences. With pulsating drums and spatial pads, Manuel De Lorenzi & Francesco Maddalena’s track has the “X element” making it an irresistible all-night banger.

Moving on to Alex Neri’s vibrant dark masterpiece “H-Arp Odyssey” on side A1, this one definitely won’t let you sit down once you hear its dynamic bassline and hard kicks that flow throughout the track, with only the midpoint offering a pause of fresh breath with its sprinkly synths that remind of those old school synthetizers.

Paolo Mosca’s track “Landscape” on side B1 brings a more funky and oldschool vibe to the party. If you were to close your eyes while listening to this banger, you could easily teleport yourself to a beach party in 90’s Ibiza with its disco influences and successive vocals. Twineffect’s “Vision Of Disco” on B2 somehow continues the oldschool disco storyline started on the previous track, making both B-side tracks go hand in hand gracefully.

Just like the previous volume, the second one did not disappoint either and we are all looking forward to hearing these bombs played at future events soon.

The “Sound of Garden Volume II” – Part 1 can be pre-ordered on, decks, or hhv.

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