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New festival Sumdayz set to rock Rome this September

Rome has a riveting history with electronic music and has a series of impressive club fixtures but perhaps something lacking is a city central...

Premiere: B1 – Barac – I Shall Not Be Shaken [ADM003]

Barac steps up for the third release of Swiss label Adam's Bite. Following releases from Traumer and Ion Ludwig, the Romanian brings three ceremonial club cuts unique to Barac's shamanic style.

Dubøka gets back to business with an open air event and after party

Birmingham-based event series and record label have been responsible for some of the best minimal bookings in the Midlands. When you consider the musical...

Review: Barac – Le Dance Sans EP [DRUMMA020]

Music from Romanian producer Barac always generates excitement, but his new EP on Drumma sounds like a producer who's reaching an astounding level of creativity.

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