Premiere: B1 – Barac – I Shall Not Be Shaken [ADM003]

Barac steps up for the third installment of Swiss label Adam’s Bite.

Launching onto the circuit with a slick, genre-defying EP from founder Martinesque last year, the European imprint has quickly become one to watch. Ion Ludwig soon followed suit with a stunning 3×12″ LP, expressing intimate emotions across 11 tracks.

Joining the family with a fascinating three track release, the Shaman of minimalism steps up to the plain in ADM003. Recognised for his signature, spiritually driven music, the Romanian native has been casting spells on dance floors for many years.

Celebrated via his own Shamandrum imprint launched back in 2018, focus is drawn towards the deeply hypnotic effects of an ethereal spectrum. Often exercised in long form, 10+ minute tracks, the magic of much of Barac’s work happens in the long game.

Mysterious vocal work and mystical melodies are central to these deeper, introspective pieces. ‘I Shall Not Be Shaken’ dips towards a ritualistic, choir-like arrangement. Regal female vocals gloss over a pensive rhythm, executed with the supreme level of sound design that now comes expected from this audiophile corner of club music.

Slinky hats dart through the mix, holding the subtle groove together between a fierce snare drum and a muted kick. Brooding bass notes create a ceremonial like atmosphere at the rear of the mix, drawing on the veteran’s tendencies for sacramental drum patterns.

Each track is unmistakeably traced back to Barac. Littered with sounds of nature, owl-like squeels add to the pulse of the track, whilst a number of animalistic groans simmer beneath the drums. It’s music that sounds like nobody else.

Elements grow and evolve, with the feeling of a beating heart, it is evident these intimate expressions are held close to the artists’ vision. Often mixed with several other tracks, these longer form works leave much potential for enticing synergy between mixes.

The mood remains unobtrusive and gentle, whilst tapping into an intimate mood filled with emotion. Delicate wind chimes generate more mystical energy at the top end of the groove, twisting between one another with a hypnotic flair.

Title track ‘Beyond The Gates, They Were Free’ is the lengthiest cut from the release. Spread across a full side of vinyl, more shamanic drums lead the charge. Pulsing with a trance-like nature, beats are backed by twinkling melodies set an enticing tone; delving deep into the ceremonious world of Barac.

Closing the record with ‘The Fall Of Man’, vocal work steps up a gear. Dreamy female vocals dance among a sea of laughter and groans in this cerebral cut. Check out our full review of his release for Drumma Records for further insight into the pit of Barac’s healing frequencies.

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