Review: Barac – Le Dance Sans EP [DRUMMA020]

Romanian DJ and producer Barac Nicolae is currently having something of a moment. Since his 2014 album release on Metereze, Barac has grown from underground favourite to one of the most well known DJs in minimal.

With that in mind, a 12″ from the producer is always going to be accompanied by some strong. Considering his track record, especially last year with releases on UVAR and his new label Shamandrum, it’s more than warranted.

The release on Chilean label Drumma is of course no exception. Starting on the harder B side ‘909 Pre’, Barac is in no rush to get this track completed, stretching to over ten minutes in duration with just a kick-drum and tingle-inducing bassline for the first three minutes.

The track is an incredible example of how hypnotic and self-reflective minimal as a genre can be. The hypnotism is broken as soon as the floating bassline is disturbed by the excellent drum-clap combination.

On the A side, we have the equally excellent ‘The Mirror of Spirit’. Whilst this track follows the high standards set by 909 Pre, it appears to be aiming for the more groove-focused crowd, which if anything reflects tremendously on Barac’s versatility as a producer.

The bassline feels as though it’s a fresh graduate from the school of Villalobos and weaves around the drums and pads to create the sort of groove in a track where you’d be more than happy for it to stay on loop forever. Never one to shy away from exploring every possible sound, there’s the added sonic delight of strings, bubble-esque sound effects and a rather scintillating flute.
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