Romanian collective Them open Sonar’s OFF week with Barac, SIT and Suciu B2B Cap

The enigmatic Them collective return with another unique curation kicking off Barcelona’s infamous OFF Sonar week.

Them have been throwing taste-making parties for an extended period across Romania, bringing together the likes of house legend Lil Louis with Rhadoo, and experimental pioneer Burnt Friedman with the unique Ambiq live to craft unique and memorable experiences.

Kicking off the extended Sonar affairs, an all-star Romanian cast takes over Wolf Club on Wednesday 15th June with Barac, SIT and Suciu B2B Cap letting loose in extended sets. Stretching out from 9pm to 5am, the synergetic energy of stripped back Romanian selectors is destined to take it’s hypnotic grip of the great sounding Barcelona venue.

Barac’s mystical, otherworldly selections will be complimented by the slick sounds of Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia’s SIT project. The Amphia bosses have grown into a prolific duo, exploring emotive grooves in their flow state back-to-back set they’ve been refining for years.

Suciu and Cap presents an intriguing affair as the two Romanian stalwarts join forces. Suciu’s more cryptic, druggy energy meets with Cap’s devoted ear to digging out lively and soulful cuts making for a captivating set that is sure to be packed with character.

The Them collective are known for their attention to detail when preparing a showcase, often taking over stunning spaces and immersing them into their world of sound. Excellent sound systems are paramount and the level of care taken to visual elements makes for a special experience.

Barac is a close member of the crew, recently playing in the gorgeous Garden of Bragadiru Palace in Bucharest for Them. The Shamandrum boss featured alongside fellow devoted Romanian’s Kozo and Vizan.

Off Sonar is filled with countless unique and experimental showcases across the week, look out for further line-up announcements coming soon.

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