Trommel launches Christmas charity compilation via trommelCARES Bandcamp

    Throughout the month of December, we will be doing our bit for those in need via our trommelCARES charity arm.

    In fact, we are releasing a Christmas compilation with the help of 80 different artists for a total of 71 tracks, a comprehensive pack spanning from dancefloor bombs to minimal rollers, and a few ambient and low-tempo cuts.

    All proceeds will go in support of Ajungem Mari, a project from Asociaţia Lindenfeld which is a non-governmental, non-political, and non-religious organization based in Romania. The team at this charity works with institutionalised children with a view to giving them educational experiences in order to help them “grow GREAT”. Grow GREAT is an educational program aimed at supporting children and youngsters in foster care to better understand themselves and develop their skills. The funds will be also be spread between several other Ajungem Mari projects that include orphans and children under treatment, with the aim to brighten up their Christmas after a very tough year.

    We have been working hard behind the scene to create a digital album that features tracks from the likes of Maher Daniel, Voigtmann, Cab Drivers, Cristi Cons, DeWalta, Vlad Caia, Cristopher Ledger and a many many more producers that joined the cause and supported this initiative (full list below).

    The compilation is now live on trommelCARES Bandcamp page and over the coming weeks, we will be releasing 5 tracks per day via Trommel SoundCloud and YouTube spaces. So do not miss the chance to listen to your favourite producers and, if you can and want, do support this great cause. All proceeds are going to help Ajungem Mari continue the fine work that they have been carrying out since 2014.

    We would like to thank individually all artists listed below, and all the people that helped us organizing this project (with a special mention to Jorge Savoretti, Isabelle Beese head of  Belisa Booking and Toi Toi Musik boss Isis Salvaterra for their huge contribution). And we would also like to thank everybody that will decide to purchase this album

    Thank you to:
    100Hz, 2Vilas, Alex Neivel, Alexis Cabrera, Anam Nesis (Ada Khaleh), Andrey Pushkarev, Archie Hamilton, Arno, BRYZ, Cab Drivers, Cesar Merveille, Christopher Ledger, Clovis & Herodot, Cosmjn, Costin Rp, Crihan, Cristi Cons, David Nicolas, Denis Korablev, DeWalta & Shannon, Diego Figari, Direkt, DJOKO, Dorian Paic & Felipe Valenzuela, Dragutesku, Ernesto Ferreyra, Federico Molinari, Floog, Franco Cinelli, Gescu & Arapu, Ghita din Poienita, Giammarco Orsini, Giorgio Maulini, Giuliano Lomonte, Guy From Downstairs, Hugo, Iuly.B, Janeret, Jay Bliss & Mera, Jorge Savoretti, Julian Perez, Livio & Roby, Lumieux, Maher Daniel, Mihai Pol, Miroloja, Molly, Nils Weimann & Martin Glowacz, Nu Zau, Oden & Fatzo, OGEID, Olga Korol & Per Hammar, Oshana, Pirvu, Rainer & Difid, Red Pig Flower, Retro Activity (Ivan Iacobucci), S.A.M., Sepp, Silat Beksi, Topper, Tripmastaz, Triptease, Tulbure, Viceversa, Vid, Vincentiulian, Vlad Arapasu, Vlad Caia, Voigtmann & Wareika.

    You can now buy the tracks from the trommelCARES Bandcamp page.

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