Trommel.126 – 2Vilas

Spanish duo 2Vilas has since their first encounters formed a bond that has encompassed working together as sound technicians, producers, label owners, and record stores owners. However, it is the combination of their DJ duo that has taken Carlos and Hector far and wide. From their base in Ibiza the pair have made a serious name for themselves and regularly play clubs such as DC10, Pacha and Destino and have done for many years.

2Vilas’ sound is a groovy mix of Detroit and Chicago House, European minimal tech house and just the right amount of Spanish flair. All expertly woven together the pair bounce between these different styles effortlessly incorporating their own productions which have also found their way on to many top labels.

As well as their own productions, this approach to music also influences their own labels such as Wax Isgud, Isla Records and of course MTM. It is the record store of the same name that is the site of their recent podcast recording for our mix series and the pair recorded their set in this very store. This is by no means a deep session as it is designed to get you out your chair on your feet straight away…

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