Premiere: A1 – 100Hz – Assert [RBE001.01]

Rawbeats Records cover art

Rawbeats Records continue to grow, as they add the latest string to their bow – Rawbeats Extrasensorial. This comes after a bit of a break, a year since their last appearance. But the label have been preparing for this one, with the launch of a two part series on the horizon.

As the alluring title of the sub-label suggests, the focus of the sound in this series centres quite specifically. To connect sensations and emotions throughout the music. 100Hz offers his interpretation of the objective, taking full control of the A side of the wax.

The veteran producer, who joins the label for the first time, sits alongside two collaborations. Fer Marino & one of Rawbeats creators Juan Proellis open the B side, with Diego Santana & Pily to close.

‘Assert’ is a gradual builder locked down to a bubbling groove. Coming in at over in 11 minutes in length, the story remains steady, layered with pleasantries that become more sophisticated. Soft bassline stays constant, as warm keys delicately fill the melody.

Hypnotic and relaxed, chords speak gently while the pattering of percussion breathes rhythm. Offering a solemn state, it provokes thought, a content space of mind filled with the healing properties of sound. Tranquil atmosphere is grounded by the growling bassline, not without a euphoric trance. 100Hz definitely got the memo on this one, sensory and emotive to its core.

The soft approach continues onto the B side and by the end of the release, the energy has become more dance floor heavy. But the melodies continue to drive throughout and emotion remains prominent as planned.

Buy the record from or Juno, due for release 24th June.

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