Trommel.112 – 100Hz (live)

1991 – A time when some of us had not even been born yet or were too young to comprehend the vast galaxy of electronic music. 100hz by this point had already put out their self-released 12” ‘Low Frequency Overload’ and their follow up ‘Catching Spiders’ seems to have not aged a day in the 30 years since it came out. We are not sure how this is possible but we are sure it has something to do with magic.

Fast forwarding to 2021 and 100hz might be down a few members since those heady days but Lee Renacre is still pumping out timeless house and techno like there is no tomorrow. Lee’s output slowed during the mid 2000’s but as you well know he has been back up to full power for some time now. As well as a bag full of releases for the likes of Slow Life, Howl Records, Constant Sounds and of course our own Xmas VA Lee also has a killer live set in his arsenal. It is the latter that we now present to you for Trommel.112 and it is packed full of brand new and unreleased gems from his lab.

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