L.E.T Zurich celebrate a decade with a twenty five track compilation

L.E.T Zurich compilation artists

Les Enfants Terribles Zurich aka L.E.T Zurich are going in hard as they mark a decade in the game. Releases have trickled in gently over the years, with the family of artists growing at a steady pace. That family is about to increase in size exponentially. Introducing a rather large digital release measuring in at twenty five tracks.

Past party guests join the production roster alongside a whole host of debuts, making for a bold and beautiful project. It’s a worthy celebration of the Swiss label milestone. The Bandcamp exclusive brings with it a mixture of flavours, all centred around the the deep flowing vibes of minimal techno.

Groove thumps through in offerings from Alci, Cesar Merveille, Varhat and Tolga Top. Christian Schiemann and Olga Karol pick up the pace with pumping basslines, contrasting with the stripped back sounds of Aron and Drea.

Percussion is aplenty from Flavio and Topper while the weird and wonderful blends through tinkering sessions with artist groups Wareika and Skiclub Toggenburg. The Swiss duo had most recently featured on our pages in the premiere of LET005. The trips continue with James McHale, making unusual flutterings of darkness, backboned by bassline filled with grit.

Deeper measurings of the euphoric shine through from Cem G, as well as Kalabrese in the epic compilation’s closure. SIT are also on hand – the in demand Romanian duo serve up an acid tinged bomb and firm favourites The Mountain People deliver a dreamy builder spined with their signature, tapping hi’s.

And there’s more. Plenty more to get your teeth into, to listen and enjoy as we come together to celebrate the longevity of a platform and label that has just raised the bar somewhat. Buy the compilation on Bandcamp from the 6th September. Available to pre-order now.

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