Premiere: Skiclub Toggenburg – Halabo [LETM005]

Skiclub Toggenburg L.E.T Zurich artwork

Les Enfant Terribles (aka L.E.T Zurich) is a Swiss based label celebrating music and events in around the capital. Over the last decade, the promoters have brought in artists such as Cesar Merveille, The Mountain People and Varhat. Names represented on the roster widen, with a growing number of producers being supported on the label. The family is ever expanding – the latest to join is duo Skiclub Toggenburg.

Abi Eberhard and Till Ostendarp are quite used to tinkering with musical machines in sync. Honing in on their craft in a petrol station doubling as a bar, lengthy live sets have given the pair the freedom to explore the boundaries of modular. Behind studio doors, this tinkering has turned into sequencing and the latest on L.E.T showcases a snippet of the sound.

‘Halabo’ takes little time to get to it. Rhythmic grooves pulsate through a deep bassline while a concoction of percussion taps along the top. Chord melodies become the focus. Lengthy notes offer introspection and exploration. There’s something a little mysterious in the build, but a seemingly comfortable atmosphere all the same.

It takes a twisted turn when the layers are stripped to reveal a dark, realm defying growl. The trip only intensifies from here. Weirdly echoing chatter communicates with soft bleeps, as the relenting beat continues to make the energy. ‘Halabo’ is one of those you can get lost in, with plenty of movement at the same time getting into your head.

The EP also comes with ‘Georido’, offering a deeper dive into analogue with less bite and a softer tone. As a whole, the release will be available to purchase from Bandcamp.

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