Premiere: 22 – Varhat – Drive [LETM006]

It is clear that the L.E.T Zurich collective mean business with their decade celebratory VA as they have collected together a rather impressive array of artists. As well as top local artists, they have also called upon some of the biggest names in the game as SIT, Wareika and Kalabrese have all contributed to the release.

With the crew numbering 20+ members that includes artists, Art Makers, Decoration People, VJ’s and this has meant that Alen Sarkis and his band of creatives have produced many shows to date. As well as the VA they also plan to produce events in different cities which will most certainly throw up all sorts of top parties. One of the distinct highlights of the release however comes from Yoyaku main player Varhat and his entry to the digital only VA is one right out of the French labels playbook.

Varhat’s track ‘Drive’ may arrive on the release at track 22 but that has no bearing on the quality of the production. In true Varhat fashion ‘Drive’ is a classy piece of punchy deep house. Shimmering pads crystalise in the morning sun and play off perfectly against the deep grinding bassline that is a well and truly tried and tested part of the Frenchman’s sound palette. Hollow percussion punctuates the track alongside snappy hats and claps all while those pristine pads evolve and bloom over time. More stunning synth work joins the fray and combine to conjure up an eyes closed peak time dancefloor captivated in Varhat’s spell.

With the VA not being out until Monday, 6th September there was only one other track available prior to full release and that comes by way of Swiss based Alci. There are few other domesticate based artists that have done more for the Swiss sound than this talented producer. ‘Clash’ comes right at the top of the release and the glitchy intro paints a picture full of sideways steps and interesting grooves.

Without the context for a 4/4 kick it can sometimes feel a bit abstract but this picture is soon pulled into focus upon arrival of the all-important kick. Subtlety is key here as the musical elements bob and weave in and out of the mix just about showing their self before retreating behind the crisp percussion. Other artists featuring on the release are Topper, Cesar Merveille, Olga Korol, as well as Swiss heroes The Mountain People, Supermarket resident Flavio, and Modernity resident James Mc Hale.

The full 10 year VA is available via the L.E.T Zurich Bandcamp page.

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