Premiere: B1 – Max Ulis – The Plug (Varhat Remix) [VRLTD005]

After a short period of downtime French studio wizard Varhat is back and he is gathering some serious momentum. Widely revered for his infectious grooves and floor focused jams The Frenchman has recently scored a serious hit with his EP for Chris Stussy’s Up The Stuss imprint. For his latest outing he lands his debut North American release as part of the Max Ulis EP on April Terry’s VRNT imprint. The Canadian label should be fresh in your mind with a slew of releases from Pheek (most recent), Jay Tripwire, Dragatesku, and owner Topology, incredibly the majority of these have all hit the street since the beginning of 2023. 

Both original Max Ulis tracks come from real life experiences and our premiere today is the Varhat remix of “The Plug”. Having recently acquired a synthcussion, the original version (A1) from Max features a noisy synth loop that jitters and errs into life and the careering resulting sound is then somehow wrangled into place by a plinky plonky synth line. As thought provoking the original version is, it is the Varhat remix that piqued our interest the most. 

Taking the more euphoric elements of “The Plug”, the Frenchman then manages to sculpt a reduced house groover that bears all the usual hallmarks of a standout Varhat track. Tight percussion, outrageously catchy bassline, and just the right amount of obscurity really make this remix shine.

The second of Max’s original outings comes from just that, an outing, but this was a trip of a different kind that led him to an experience at a beach in the Pacific NorthWest and the result was “Acid Cove”. Along a more electronica / breaks tip, this synthy epic can easily be filed under “close your eyes and enjoy”, such stunning sound design on this A2.

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