Premiere: B2 – Pheek – Corrosif [VRLTD004]

Since their inception in 2021, Canadian vinyl-only minimal techno outfit VRNT have made their sound clear. Organic textures meet dark atmospheres as they are subject to natural development and evolution, each track as original as the next, with a real sense of soul stamped onto every track. Having already amassed an impressive array of artists, this next release is no exception as veteran minimal techno producer and mixing and mastering wizard Pheek shares 4 original tracks.

VRNT started strong with a hot release from label owner and founder Topology, who embraces sounds of the earth in her two originals, bringing raw vibes, mysterious vocals and hypnotic percussion. The first release also saw remix treatment from Romanian whizz Dragutesku and Yoyaku and Fear of Flying mainstay Roger Gerresen. Continuing on as they set off, the label has since seen works from Jay Tripwire, Herck, and recent releases featuring the likes of Zendid, Dubfound, Varhat and Maher Daniel being welcomed to VRNT.

Take a dive into the deep with Pheek as your captain. ‘Corrosif’ submerges the ears with some incredulous sub content while a host of modular artifacts, pads and percs develop and evolve as he gives us an insight into his technical capacity as a songsmith. We have decided to premiere Corrosif in support of his upcoming vinyl EP landing on Calgary-based VRNT. 

‘Wija’ is presented with the usual elegance and grace from Pheek. Certain and sincere in his sound, he continues to experiment, creating sounds and atmospheres that bewilder and amaze. With 25 years of dedication as a producer, DJ, label owner and engineer, his experiences come in force and from across the board. Title track and A1. on the release ‘Wija’ hooks with dreamy pads, tight percussion and thoughtful bass lines, whilst hypnotic atmospheres bubble and bilp over a rocking body of drums in ‘Stage Dive’. The B-side kicks off with melodic, groove-laden ‘Forgotten Name’ bringing a mirage of tones and pads followed up by deep and punchy affair ‘Corrosif’.

Invested in supporting the scene, Pheek has done so over the years running his mixing and mastering service, mentorship, hosting workshops and more recently, artist retreats to his home and studio in Canada. These efforts have been supported by regular blog posts regarding music production and tips on navigating the industry. Solid output from Pheek and another good call from VRNT, very excited to hear more from them down the line.

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