Premiere: 1 – Pheek & Room323 – Tortoise Shell Shoes [TXTRS006]

Pheek teams up with the Italian producer Room323 for a four-track EP on Textures Ltd.

The diversity in this selection of artists makes for a uniquely enticing package. Pheek brings his decade-spanning knowledge and delicate touch which combines delightfully with Room 323’s Italian flair.

Textures Ltd is a label from the Middle East, operating between Tel Aviv and Milano with a unique vision of stripped back music. The collective initially revealed a series of digital outputs from the likes of Tunisian artist Anamorph and Alex Simori to a keen eared crowd on Bandcamp. Their eclectic minimalist taste has taken them on a global journey through music lovers of similar taste which naturally led to them to the vinyl market.

French wizard Vadim Oslov was the last to feature on our channels, bringing his elegant, long-form compositions to wax with a stunning 12-minute venture in their fourth release. Each output from the label has become a sought-after item within their own corner of club culture. The first release from Room 323 and Jonas Hassan features the mesmeric minimalist Zefzeed on remix duties which is soaring way above asking price on Discogs.

It’s a movement inspired by the depth of sound, layering intricate details within simple rhythmic formulas and vast atmospheres. I don’t think there could be a more suited pick to match this vision than the Canadian visionary Pheek.

Known for his extensive back catalogue of releases dating back to 2001 through his influential Archipel label, as well as offering mixing and mastering services and tuition capturing his multiple decades of experience.

Joining forces with frequent face on the label Room 323, the pair delve deep into thought-provoking atmospheres and satisfying sound design. ‘Tortoise Shell Shoes’ opens the record with an addictive, wobbly piece.

Glassy-like stabs grab the groove with two hands, creating an extremely moreish sequence that keeps you hooked throughout. Shimmering between two or three notes, it’s the level of depth that draws you in, dripping with warm reverbs and a jazzy, brush-like sound washing over the rhythm.

Energy remains within a very much laid back and patient realm, allowing elements to gradually build and play with tension throughout the mix. It’s the kind of track you’d hear the likes of Rhadoo mixing in with another two tracks at the same time, using each deftly hypnotic sound to muddle minds on the dance floor.

The level of consideration that comes across in the placement of each sound makes for an enticing and intimate listen. You can hear the level of dedication between this pair of driven producers, combining their experience and tastes for a unique, spellbinding head trip.

‘Something Fishy’ goes deeper still, crafting a peculiar atmosphere dancing around gentle acoustic percussions ticking over like an old grandfather clock. There feels to be just the right level of interest and detail, harnessing the character of jazzy drums and twisted vocal samples keeping you engaged.

On the flip side, moods explore a slightly more pensive palate. ‘Morale’ opts for a similar acoustic vibe in its rhythmic nature, resting beneath a warm, earthy sub bass that plays the occasional note like a lazy double bass at the back of a jazz band.

Another artist that feels incredibly well suited to the label joins the party in a gorgeous remix. Bruno Pronsato, a long-time pioneer of this more sedative, emotional side of minimalist music delivers a stunning rework of ‘Tortoise Shell Shoes’. Lathering his weightless, feathery vocals over a trickly beat and meditative, singing bowl-like chords adding a peaceful vibe to this conclusive cut.

Throughout these four tracks, there’s a lot to take in and admire in the level of production and thought gone into the arrangement and presentation of each cut. It’s a positive sign for innovative production happening in the depths of the minimal landscape and Textures Ltd are becoming an increasingly interesting label to keep tabs on.

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