Premiere: Various Artists – Secret Reunion EP Nº2 [TXTRS003]

Middle Eastern label Textures Ltd. Impressed on our previous premiere of their debut and now the Israeli tied imprint returns with their second dose of extended VA goodness. Label stalwart Room323 has one foot in Tel Aviv by way of The Block and its two residents Asael Weiss and Jonas Hassan. The other foot is firmly planted in the Milan minimal scene and has collected together a group of similarly talented artists on TXTRS003 via his deft mastering skills. Picking up this fine Bandcamp release at the very beginning we lay bare ‘Terrascope’ from Venda.

The moody ‘Terrascope’ from Venda leads out with crunchy claps, stern kicks, and tumbling vocals that don’t ever seem to be determined but the message is clear. A fine example of pitch-black minimalism which is sure to be picked up by the darker jocks out there and in the past Mihigh has gotten behind the label’s tracks and we can see this being prevalent in the Romanian’s sonic arsenal.

Moving forward into the depths of the release Alex Simori adds to the darker shades of minimal with a much more reduced footprint on ‘Go Went Gone’. Coupling distant bells, more incoherent vocals all the while underpinned by some finely sculpted drum programming. The celebrated Tunisian artist Anamorph provides the funk with a nicely detuned bassline and as always tidy percussion on ‘Control Depth’.

Edging towards the latter sections of the release Asael Weiss provides a glitch groover in the shape of ‘Shtichmoose’ and nervous synths bubble over the deeply thudding bassline. Label regular Jonas Hassan opts for stuttering breakbeats on the penultimate track ‘HybridXXVI’, this helps to divide the vibe of the release prior to Room323 closing out the release with ‘Astro Field’. Perhaps the most straight-up track of the VA metallic synths bend around a similarly robotic vocal.

You can grab the TXTRS003 VA now from Bandcamp.

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