Premiere: A1 – Room323 & Jonas Hassan – Giorgio The Wolf [TXTRS001]

Textures Ltd is one of the latest labels to come out of the bubbling electronic music scene in the Middle East. The outfit launched earlier this year with a Bandcamp exclusive from Room323 & Jonas Hassan. The intention was always there to release a batch of limited edition vinyl for this one, but it has taken a little time. During the wait, Textures002 came to the fold which has seen support from one of Rominimal’s finest Mihigh (an artist regularly featuring in our premieres). That wait is now over, with the Textures001 vinyl expected next month.

Both Room323 & Jonas Hassan have ties with Tel Aviv in one way or another. A city known for being a 24-hour party capital and as a result of their work on Italian label Miden they have popped up on the radar of Petre Inspirescu, Andrei Ciubuc, Tulbure, and Crihan. The two artists combined heads to create a four-track EP boasting three originals and a remix from Zefzeed. On the run-up to the anticipated record release, we have the title track on premiere.

A cool concoction of elements weaves together a deep and eery story that is brought to life with a hypnotic groove. Simple percussion keeps a steady beat while twisted samples breathe darkness through the bones. Warmer keys battle with whispering demons, achieving a balance well received in the micro minimal flavour.

The breakdown is announced with a creeping reverb before the beat is stripped back to an instantaneous chill. As stripped back as it is, ‘Giorgio The Wolf’ remains captivating, a style equipped to hold a large dark room at attention early on in the night. This mysterious energy builds as the EP unravels, before closing with the snappy yet deeply atmospheric remix from Zefzeed.

Buy the record from The release date expected 30th September.

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