Premiere: A1 – Varhat – Doggo [MUZI005]

For the latest and fifth edition of Muzi cartel, they return to form after an extended down period. This time around they have opted to present the works for French and Belgian artists that include Varhat, Aldo, Nathan Boost, and Töni & Roland.

A1 comes via French artist Varhat and as you might expect “Doggo” is a tightly packed groove workout. Featuring his trademark undulating basslines, crisp percussion, thumping kicks this track proudly sits atop the release. Breathy vocals act as if they are a mist rolling in and out of the track adding an air of mystery to the track. 

Aldo’s “Fieu” treads a similarly airy path but along a more 303 flecked direction. The waning synths that wind up and down throughout the track make for a very hypnotic state and seems to be the perfect after hours or an early daytime session.

Flipping over to side B and the energy levels are boosted with Nathan Boost making his debut on the label with his arping cosmic banger “Aerozine”. The piano roll also helps to keep this track with one hand in more acid house territory while updating the energy and production for modern floors.

Completing the release is Töni & Roland and their first studio collab with B2 “The Strong Silent Type” and this is also a most enjoyable addition. Featuring pads and synth stabs not unlike Janeret’s Joule classic “Rear”, this is of course a good thing, but Töni & Roland really dial in a huge amount of atmosphere into this track.

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