Premiere: B2 – Bilalov – Think (Alci Remix) [GRDRB001]

Bilalov EP artwork featuring Alci

A new label has been born between Kaliningrad and Berlin. The vinyl only platform bears the fruits of a brother and sisterly bond. It comes driven by a shared passion; the sounds of the underground and all the joys that come with it. This rather special set up is led by an artist named Malish. When his music is not doing the talking for him, his sister Nika is – together the pair have created Garderobe, an outlet for sharing. First one on the showcase is musical companion Bilalov, with a remix from Alci.

Bilalov serves up a tasty introduction to Garderobe with release number one. Across the wax he brings a blend of smooth, synth led grooves, dark and edgy minimal, funk-tinged house. Layers strip back steadily from the A to the B, setting the scene right before Alci steps in with a razor-sharp remix of ‘Think’.

Textured rhythms growl within a subtle bassline, oozing steadily beneath the command of the kick. Chatter whispers the unknown, a settling scene that sounds familiar even in its obscurity. As the pendulum plods along, funk on the bass flicks an infectious beat while the weirdness of the play around it offers prime minimal sound. Those squelching acid stems pop a quaint melody, it’s impossible not to bop with it.

Between Malish, Nika, Bilalov and Alci, this a pleasant introduction to a platform set on sharing passions. Whether it be from the artists or the support networks around them, it’s clearly a family affair.

Buy the record from, released today! Limited to 250 copies.

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