Premiere: 1 – Triptease – Cuore Matto [VQLP009]

The Visionquest label has clocked up some serious numbers over the years when it comes to record releases, having recently put out record number 82. Of course a whole host of talent features in this catalogue. Only a couple of months ago did we premiere a deep and trippy groover from Club der Visionare favourite Ema Remedi. Visionquest album numbers however are few and far between. More than two years since the last, Triptease are invited to join the fold with ‘Mescalaros’.

Formed by friends Topper, Francesco, Jacopo and Hugo, Triptease is a project that grew from years of sharing musical interests and together exploring the boundaries of production. The quartet, now based in Berlin, are known to practice improvisation through live performance which can often span upwards of eight hours long. Said improvisation has now morphed its way into a recording, marking their first full length LP across digital and wax.

‘Cuore Matto’ is one of the digital tracks. Much like a jamming session, it is layered with elements from the off. It’s analog heavy, as synthesisers and pads cooly dabble amongst airy shimmers of white noise. Foot tapping percussive swing gently gives rhythm while bass notes strum lazily in care free motion. Euphoric undertones drift from echoing high pitched synths that bubble over the top before being interjected by a jabbing chord sequence giving the intensity.

What’s really interesting about this piece is that it sounds live. You’re not just listening to a track, you can hear the experimentation as it is taking place and the puzzle is created. The pieces compliment and fit together smoothly and hearing this one leaves you wanting to hear the rest.

Download ‘Cuore Matto’ and the rest of Mescalaros over on Beatport or purchase the record from Juno or Expected release date is 3rd April.

Check out Topper’s Trommel podcast while you wait.

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