Swiss platform Adam’s Bite goes to Walzhalle this month

Adam's Bite - Walzhalle lineup

For a relatively new label and collective, Adam’s Bite has made their mark quite quickly. The Swiss platform launched a record collection with their own Martinesque, a veteran of the native scene and an integral player across the country’s clubs. A bomb EP by the name of ‘Diplo’ followed next from Traumer, before Ion Ludwig stepped up to serve a rather large LP, marking his sixth full-length exploration of sound. Now Barac has joined the family, enough said. This music must be celebrated, as should the rapid progression of the platform. And with that, plans for the festivities are well in motion.

Said celebrations will be taking place on Saturday 28th August at Walzhalle in Munchenstein, in the Basel region of Switzerland. The charming event space combines an industrial feel with a contemporary look. Redbrick meets rough stone walls, while primely placed plants contrast against bright whites. Wide windows surround the dance floor breathing in light, allowing for a blend from day to night. All features will play their part, with the party running from 4 pm – 2 am.

Walzhalle main room
Walzhalle main room

The perfect party spot requires the lineup to boot. Adam’s Bite are delivering on that too. Aptly placed at the top of the roster, Ion Ludwig will be performing one of his ever-appreciated live sets. A sound that is of course synonymous with the label by now. Molly will be joining from France, a leading lady in the Parisian scene and beyond. Eli Verveine, Kalabrese, Cepheî (who replaces Alissa), and of course Martinesque all join the takeover of the main room.

As if there wasn’t already enough to go on, there’s a Terrace as well. A bunch of Basel’s finest take charge of this one, alongside the N.E.S.T art installation from Aebersold x Handberg. Since the beginning, Adam’s Bite have shown a keen interest in the connection between music and creative arts. The Walzhalle takeover will be no different.

Ion Ludwig
Ion Ludwig – Photo credit: Léa Vu

Entry is charged at just CHF 25,00. For ten hours of music across two floors in a hedonistic haven, it would be rude not. Sound system provided by Lambda Labs Swiss Distribution.

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