Premiere: B1 – Gulf Breeze – Something Strange (Nemo Vachez Alien Garage Mix) [STFM004]

I guess, everyone loves a good reissue. Especially after coming into Discogs and seeing the prices, like… Btw, how much does this one cost? Checking, checking… 1 for sale for 110 euro. Thanks, I’ll look around a bit more and come back to you later. Jokes aside, we love them, but we don’t usually touch them at Trommel, because they are already on some Youtube channels, ripped and ready. So, if we’re seeing some additional remixes on those reissues, we love them even more.

Like this one in Sex Tapes From Mars reissue series. Originals from Gulf Breeze straight from 1995. And two remixes by Nemo Vachez and Muelsa. We’re focused on Nemo’s here – he’s having some kind of Trommel takeover this week, so stay tuned.

So, “Alien Garage Mix” by Nemo Vachez. If you know this guy from Forest Ill Records, you, probably, understand, what he’s capable of – I mean that constant dancefloor bullying – you just adjusted to the rhythm – here you go, some changes, like on some UK hardcore records. This time, well, he didn’t do that – like he could. Instead, we’re going into some UKG territory. With a huge nod to a golden era of raves. You can imagine this track being played everywhere – from some heavy garage set of Alec Falconer to the most minimalistic set on Sunwaves. And it can’t be a bad sign, right?

But let’s also say some words about Muelsa’s joint. Fat, synthy, jumpy, without any highbrow broken beats – just straight mayhem, built on some very powerful basslines, could probably be a definition of s banger in 2023.

In case, you don’t know the 1995 versions – the original of “Something Strange” is a joyful and sunny mid-90s house, that could be imagined at some forest rave, or – with some graphics – at your music channel at night those years. “Mr & Mrs Do The Business Mix” is probably a bit more dancefloor orientated, but again – with the same sunny vibes, that you can hear in the original.

I think, so far this is my favorite release in their series. And I think, I already said that about some previous ones. That means they are growing, that’s good. You can help them continue the growth, by purchasing the record when it is released via Juno, Deejay, Decks or wherever you’re buying your wax.

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