Premiere: C1 – Nemo Vachez – Hey DJ (Radio Mix) [FIR011]

Nemo Vachez continues his Trommel takeover this week (there’s more stuff coming). This time – with the landing on his Forest Ill Records. But not just with another release – this time with the debut album! We were promised influences from space house to dark synth-pop, hip-hop, and breakbeat, but knowing the guy for a bit, there probably are 45 more styles inside. Also, lately, while checking albums, a lot of people are asking about the percentage of, let’s say, dancefloor-orientated tracks inside them. You’ll know the answer to that at the end of this text. Ha!

So, after another hard round of cuts and decisions, “Hey DJ (Radio Mix)” was picked as the main premiere today. With a little nod to the track we had on Tuesday, this one also has that broken UKG touch and even some ravey chords. Still, this one won’t let you leave the dancefloor at any cost. But what I loved most here, were those constantly changing vocal samples all over the track. A little bit chaotic, but still organized.

The C-side also has “Midnight Call”, another track from Forest Ill Records with some telecommunication story inside it. Immediately “Yes”! “Pygmee Rock”, ending the C-side, will count as an interlude here.

“Selfishness” is the opener of the D-side. And we’ve got those space house/dark synth-pop influences, hurray! But at the same time, the track stays on the house territory, I would say. “Flashback” is, probably, the one you’ll hear most. Those unique gentle melodies, you have been used to for a long time. Classic Nemo Vachez, still fresh. “Sweet Curfew” is finishing the D-side (and also the record) as an outro, still, I think, you can play it in a club. Especially if you like that synthy underwater vibe.

The opener “**** you…Space Cowboy” does its job very well. It catches us from the first second and then offers us another trip on Nemo’s signature melodies, with some vocoders and sounds straight from the 80s. “Stella Jack” is continuing the mood, being maybe 1% more aggressive, but adding those gorgeous female vocals is equalizing it for me. “Outcomes” is a much pacier tune. And synthier too. With those great jumpy kicks altogether.

The B-side starts with “Forest Ill Records”. Yes, you’re going to hear that name a lot during these 6 minutes. Also, you’re going to hear some guitar solos too (love those, by the way!). Speaking about continuing the mood. Another “guitar” one, also a bit rougher – that’s “See You In The Dark”. And finishing our “guitaristic” side – “Look At You”, that could probably be played by some band. And you would love that, I swear.

So, we can clearly see an “all killers, no fillers” situation, right? If you think so – you can go to Juno, Deejay, Decks or wherever you want for your pre-order right now.

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