Premiere: A2 – Charonne – Eden [FIR008]

It’s been almost a year since Forest Ill Records shared something with us. As I’ve been told, this year should be a bit more productive, so I can say that we’re STARTING 2022 with a full-scale debut of Charonne on the 8th release of the label. Yes, they already were a part of the FIR006 compilation, but, you know, now we have four tracks instead of just one. And, at least 3 of them could be inducted into the Forest Ill Records Hall Of Fame if there will be one someday. All the spotlights are shining on you, peeps.

I’ve been told earlier by Nemo Vachez, that Charonne were picked for the release ’cause they are super good friends of us, and we share the same vision of music” the A2 track under the name of “Eden”, is probably, the FIRest on the record. Very bright, moderately energetic, doesn’t get boring at any second. We can even hear some broken harmonies here – the thing FIR is known the best for. But still with a very recognizable touch of the Charonne sound.

Another great thing on the record is its opener, called “On The Street”. This one, and the track at the B1 position, probably, will do the biggest damage on the dancefloors this year. Great piece of the work with the vocal cuts, plus a synth, that should shake you a bit on a great soundsystem – sounds great already, ah? That aforementioned B1, called “Drop Your Logic” could be a cousin of A1 with again brilliant work with vocals, but also a great bassline on the back. The last one here, called “Behind My Back” is bringing even some Rodrigo Velasquez vibes – for those who know (wink).

You can already catch the pre-sale of the record at Juno, Deejay or Decks. No Bandcamp this time, by the way.

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