Premiere: B1 – Nemo Vachez – Holiday Special [FIR007]

It’s hard to make an honest review when your favorite label is dropping one more bomb, but I’ll try – I promise.

So, Forest Ill Records are ready with their new EP and their fans are ready to rush their Bandcamp page as soon as possible (because we all know how it’s going to end on Discogs later, right?). Just like at the FIR001 and the FIR004, this release will be totally from Nemo Vachez’s hands and mind. One of the most interesting and unusual producers from France is ready to do his job again. Let’s see, what he prepared for us here.

Today’s track is, probably, the FIRest on the record, using everything we love from their previous releases. And I mean – constant changing of the structure during the track without changing the vibe. Moments on the 2:45 and 2:53 will show you that.

Also, it means that its vibe could be described as “nostalgic” – without being too much specific there – in their case, you can put 1992 or… I don’t know – 2009 year under that equally. It’s hard to comment something about that, but, probably, their list of influences could tell you more. And is it just me or that robot voice in “Holiday Special” is catching the vibe of the immortal Surkin’s “Ghetto Obsession 2006” line? Hmm…

On this record we’ll have an even filthier line on the “Lil Mermaid”. But don’t worry – it will be equalized with the softest vocal ever been used on the FIR records. And, as you can hear from the name – B2 is about some underwater distortion and chilling.

The opener of FIR007 under the name of “New Hope” shows us the musical theme of this forthcoming summer – and, I think, it will be the main reason this record will live a quite intensive life from June to August. And “Wanna See Your Reflection” can take its prize as the “Most Vocodered Track On This Release”.

The seventh installment of the Forest Ill Records is planned to be released in May, you should check the Bandcamp if you want to make some pre-orders. Or wait until some copies hit your regular shops – but I wouldn’t recommend that if you REALLY want to be sure that this record will end up in your bag.

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