Premiere: B2 – Idris Bena – So Much Better [FIR009]

Idris Bena returns to his home at Forest Ill Records for the first time since his album was released with a new portion of some dreamy vibes and melodic tunes. This time also with a banger as well.

But we’re taking another tune, not that banger. The main reason is, probably, that sample from Yes’ “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Flash FM. You should know this one. Besides that sample we’re having here a very synth-y tune, that kinda takes all the melodic potential of Idris and puts it into the ecosystem of, for example, Superluminal label, or something like that. That synergy of melodicism and retrosynth vibes sound perfect on “So Much Better”, can’t hide that.

That banger, I told you about before, is also hiding on the B-side, “Y.M.M.S” is, probably, the hardest thing you’ve ever heard from Idris. If we were talking about Superluminal before, this one would sound great on CMDRPX or some kind of Era Ora Records. THAT energy, damn!

The A-side is opening with the most awaited one, as I can see from the reactions. “Initial Feelings” is taking us on a trip to some unknown realms of the FIR kingdom. “Satisfaction” is continuing that ride with those lovely unexpected melody twists, we all love Forest Ill Records for.

The blue one of FIR is coming very soon, so you better run to Juno, Deejay, Decks or wherever you’re buying your wax to secure your copy. No represses, remember?

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