Premiere: A1 – Noiro – Dextro (feat. Nadir Sanchez) [FIR010]

Easily one of my favorite French crews is slowly getting to their first anniversary release. The well-known Noiro will take credit for this EP, but for our today’s premiere he’ll take some help from Forest Ill Records’ alum Nadir Sanchez.

“Dextro” is that kind of track you expect to hear on the Forest Ill Records release. You know – that mayhem of melodies, broken beats, constant changes, dj-unfriendliness, but listening pleasure all the way. This time also with adding some harsh sounds, that should fit some great sound systems well. So, around 2:42, when the crowd is ready for some mellow melodies – let’s hit it with that roughness, why not? All in all – that’s the perfect blend of some Noiro sounds and Forest Ill Records’ vibe – probably, that was the purpose.

The next one, “Acetone”, leans more into the Noiro vibe. Not that massive amount of changes and unexpected moves, but a huge collection of fine samples and pieces. “Cousu” is my favorite of the Noiro-only tracks on this release. Perfect amount of those variations of the main melody, without ruining the dancing routine of your listeners. And that fat sounds at 2:15, aaaargh! “Meissa”, the closer of the EP – is an easy piece, but definitely not an outro. It’s not boring, it’s just calm (and has those rough sounds from the first track, some kind of easter egg we have here, hmm).

Do you see that “Fuck Reissues” statement on top of the FIR010 artwork? You know, what that means? Nice, so head to Juno, Deejay or Subwax for a pre-order.

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